Wednesday, July 12, 2006


New Zealand's economic worries

New Zealand is facing some economic difficulties after a slow down in the overall growth to near about 1% and this slowdown in economic growth is likely to stay for full year. The immediate adverse affect will be upon interest rates as they are going to rise. It will just add oil to the unemployment problem and rise in price of essential commofities.

Friday, July 07, 2006


personal loan trade of UK's one of largest bank plunge

More than 37 per cent fall in unsecured personal loan business has been detected by one of the top personal loan lender in uk. The basic reason behind this is slow down in consumer borrowing and tightened lending criteria by the baks across the country.

Alliance & Leicester is Britain's seventh biggest listed bank, which is seen as a potential takeover target, told investors that it was making "good progress" against all its strategic objectives. Credit Agricole, which is french firm is trying to pull strings over Alliance & Leicester. According to some reports, mortgage loan business of this bank has increased by 100% in first quarter.Also, in this quarter, unsecured personal loan business fell to £565 million, from £890m a year earlier.

Loan balances remained stable compared to the end of 2005 at £3.5 billion. Also there is an increase in bad debt segmant of the bank.

According to a statement: "We continue to monitor our unsecured lending performance closely and have tightened our scorecards further this year.

"Our leading credit indicators are showing signs of improvement, although the proportion of balances in arrears at the end of May 2006 - at 5.7 per cent - reflects the seasoning of the loan book and market-wide trends in unsecured lending credit quality."

Sunday, July 02, 2006


Unsecured personal loans for tough situations

"When the going gets tough, the tough gets going."

Can you lead a life of satisfication and peace when different lenders are looking for you. In these tough situations unsecured personal loan is the right option for you. These unsecured personal loans are helpfull in every financial crisis.

Unsecured loan is a key to make you happier and contented without facing any compromises and hardships. It is hard to imagine a good life when you are surrounded with adversities. Unsecured loan gives you a financial aid when going gets tough.

Unsecured personal loans are borrowed without any assurance of security or guarantee to the loan lender. Hence, borrower does not have any risk of repossession if he does not repay his amount to the lender. These loans are very appropriate for tenants and non house owners as they don’t have any property on their own to offer to the lender. Besides this, absence of collateral does not call for long paper work and in a short time you are offered unsecured loan. Hence, you can easily meet all your urgent requirements without any further delays.

Thursday, June 29, 2006


No interest rate hike in UK in near future

According to news US FOMC may increase interest rates of fed funds to 5.25%. As the inflation has risen to 3.7% (annualized over three months), increase in interest rate is a positive sign from the FOMC. And there are further chances of increase in interest rate. This is accompanied with increase in energy prices (oil price) in international market. Even we have Bank of England MPC meeting on interest rate. But the signals show that they are not in hurry to increase interest rates in near future. As we have seen some large swings in the economy, bank was concerned about the positive out gap due to increase in investment in business. Most probably there will be hike in interest rate in UK by the end of this year.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Unsecured personal loan as fast cash loan

There are times in one's life term where he or she need immediate cash money. It may be in the middle of a month with your salary gone in different expensives. What would you do? You can't wait for your next salary abd a secred loan takes a lot of time.

You can easily solve any of your financial crunch through these fast cash loans. But there is a certain criteria that you need to fullfill before accessing these fast cash loan.
  • A regular income proof

  • Good credit rating will be helpfull

  • Presence of a current and active check account etc.

  • You will get cash loan in your hand within 24 hrs. Loan period could also vary from 15 days to 2 years. But it has higher interest rate as compared to other type of loans. But a good credit history can help you get loan at low interest rate.

    Such type of loans are very popular in Uk. They can outperform even personal loan or bad credit personal loan in near future.

    Sunday, June 25, 2006


    Unsecured personal loan - Just go for it.

    Traditional lenders such as banks and big lending institutions are outdated and complicated. If you really want it to be simple, fast and efficient apply with online loan lenders. With unsecured personal loan you do not have to place a security with the lender. This is the most beautifull aspect of unsecured personal loan. And in order to cover the risk factor, borrowers are often charged a higher interest rate on these lendings. As there is no collateral demanded, your credit score and repayment ability becomes upmost requirement and determines the loan amount and interest rate that is applicable to the loan.

    It is very important for borrower to know the credit score. It will play a major role in getting the loan at a good rate .Unsecured personal loan is generally availed by tenants, therefore the loan amount and loan term are usually kept lower. Some homeowners like me, who doesn’t want to offer their home as collateral seek unsecured personal loan. The amount of the unsecured personal loan varies from lender to lender. It depende upon their reputation and services they provide.

    I personally feel that unsecured personal loan will is the best loan category for a borrower. It helps you in multiple ways. First it provides sufficient capital to eliminate your financial problems. Secondly it provides an opportunity to improve your credit rating ( if you repay the loan on time )

    For unsecured personal loan, valuation of property is not required, it is available to bad credit borrowers and it helps them improve their credit scores. The only disadvantage unsecured personal loan has is its higher interest rate.

    Saturday, June 24, 2006


    Debt repayment is indespensible

    The golden rule to a debt free is life that you should repay loans with higher rate of interest first. Don't look at interest rate infact look at the APR. Then you will have a clear picture of your total debt.

    You can also do one more thing. Just refinance these high interest loan with low rate personal loans. These refinance loans are easily available through online loan lenders in UK. store card debt, credit card bills, unsecured perwsonal loans should be first to go.

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